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Vertical Boat Lifts

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Vertical Boat Lifts

With features like Easy-Level™ legs and Vertical Screw Drive technology, FLOE offers the most dependable, convenience packed boat lift on the market.

All FLOE vertical lifts come standard with maintenance-free features such as custom engineered extruded aluminum components and stainless steel/aluminum fasteners. The bolt-together design with modular components eliminates structural welds that can fatigue and crack over time. Plus they are backed by FLOE's 15 year limited warranty.


Easy Level Legs

All FLOE vertical boat lifts come standard with the patented Easy-Level™ system. Using a cordless drill you can level your lift without getting in the water. Simply turn the nut inside the leg to adjust the lift up or down.


Vertical Screw Drive Technology

FLOE's VSD technology raises and lowers your boat in about 1/2 the time of most other powered boat lifts. The most energy-efficient lift on the market is whisper quiet with no clicking winch gears or pinging cable. The low-maintenance electric motor spins the screw so the ball nut travels back and forth as it pulls the lifting cable. No need to ever replace a worn cable with a VSD lift!


Vertical Screw Lift Models

FLOE's VSD lifts are the perfect choice for those who want the best of the best.


Choose from the following Lifts:
VSD3800 Ideal for medium-sized fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats and small to medium sized pontoons
VSD5000 Great for medium to large fishing boats, jet boats, runabouts, smaller ski/wakeboard boats and pontoons
VSD6000 Extra wide lift to give your larger boat more room when entering the lift
VSD6500 Great lift for today's large ski/wakeboard boats up to 5,525 pounds
VSD8000 For larger ski/wakeboard boats and cruisers up to 6,800 pounds
VSD10000 Works well for 10' wide pontoons and large cruisers

Pontoon Lifts Longer and wider lifts for today's larger pontoons
VSD5000 Pontoon For pontoons up to 4,250 pounds
VSD6500 Pontoon For pontoons up to 5,525 pounds
VSD8000 Pontoon For pontoons up to 6,800 pounds

Vertical Winch Lifts

FLOE's 12-Volt DC electric winch allows you to raise and lower your boat with a push of a buttom. The system offers exceptional value compared to other power winch systems. Also available with manual crank wheel.

Vertical Winch Lift Models

Vertical electric and manual winch lifts are built with the same craftsmanship as the VSD lifts. They are dependable and long-lasting.


Choose from the following models:

V-2000 Ideal for small to medium fishing boats, runabouts and jet boats
V-2602 Double PWC lift
V-3600 For smaller boats and pontoons up to 3,060 pounds
V-4600 Handle a variety of fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats, jet boats and pontoons up to 3,910 pounds

Boat Lift Bunk Options

FLOE offers a variety of bunks for all types of boats including full length bunks, cradle pad bunks and pontoon bunk/guide-in systems. All FLOE bunks are made from strong aluminum extrusions with durable vinyl for maximum protection.


Boat Lift Guide in Systems

FLOE guide-ins give you safe and stress free landings every time. Choose from Perfect Park and Pro-Park Vertical guide-ins or Precision Park Horizontal guide-ins.


Boat Lift Motor and Bow Stops

To help you park perfectly in your lift every time, FLOE offers a motor stop, bow stop and their exclusive Bow Flex parking system


Boat Lift Accessories

Other boat lift accessories to make your life easier include 12V and 24V solar panels that keep your batteries charged, a wireless remote, a step for easy access into your boat and an anchoring system to keep your lift safely anchored to the lake bottom.

Installation and Removal

If you live in an area where your boat lift comes out of the water in the off-season, FLOE makes it easy with boat lift wheel kits. For lakes where you need to float your lift long distances or into a slip, if you have deep water or a muddy bottom, FLOE's Float & Roll allows you to install or remove your lift without getting wet or straining a muscle.


Easy Level Legs
Vertical Screw Drive Technology
Installation and Removal

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